Level 117 Candy Crush

Level 117 Candy Crush

There isn’t much you can say about this level, except for the fact that you can get stuck in plenty of places. It can get very frustrating and that is why we have made up a page listing some tips and strategies to help you through level 117.

Tips/ Basic Strategy

Candy Crush Level 117

  • Objective: Bring 2 hazelnuts and 1 cherry down in 40 moves or less, while also scoring at least 35,000 points.
  • Placing the ingredients is how you beat this level. If the two hazelnuts and one cherry isn’t inside those three middle rows, it is up to you to get them there by switching things around. You can break the white blocks and wipe out the chocolate, which will help you move the ingredients down. Your one issue will be to not get the ingredients stuck in the corners because once you do, you will never get them out.
  • The “stuck” zones on this level are what irritate people the most. If ingredients fall into these areas, it is imperative you get them back into the middle area quickly. Once they fall into the corner slots, the game is practically over and you are just playing for fun. Start by crushing candy towards the middle of the board as this is going to help other ingredients drop towards the same area. Using vertical striped candies in this area is a huge help. Chocolate is a huge pain on this level, so be prepared to rid yourself of it as fast as humanly possible.
  • Stars: 3 stars: 105,000 points; 2 stars: 70,000 points and 1 star: 35,000 points

If you’re looking for more tips on Candy Crush, there are cheats for level 1 to 500 on Candy Crush It, including a full walkthrough of Candy Crush Level 117.

Advanced Guide

Playing the middle columns is a must on this level, as the ingredients will have to pass through here. The exits are through this area and no place else. If you allow your ingredients to maneuver themselves somewhere else, you have virtually lost the level. Make wrapped/striped candy combos to rid yourself of chocolate. You can also use vertical striped candies to propel ingredients through the bottom as well.

Chocolates love to block the ingredients’ paths, so it’s important that you get rid of all the chocolate ASAP. You also have to deal with a massive six colors in this level! “Stuck zones” are plentiful in this level. In fact, columns 1 through 3 and 7 through 9 are all “stuck zones.” Do not let your ingredients get caught in these. However, the game will start you out by misplacing ingredients (either in column 2 or 8). If this happens to you, make sure you make the necessary adjustments to move the ingredients to the middle columns.